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Fueling Regionals – Sublime Fitness & Nutrition

Fueling Regionals

- 2018 -

Fueling Regionals

What we're doing

Fueling Emily Tanner, SLC Crossfit’s teams and you. With macro-balanced meals, we are working to keep our sponsored athletes churning as they battle it out at the 2018 Crossfit Regionals and keep you satisfied as you cheer them on. 

Why we're doing it

We strive to fuel every aspect of life. Whether it’s fighting for that last rep or shouting out loud in support, we believe proper nutrition is the cornerstone of peak performance. It just so happens that this is an awesome way to showcase our capabilities.

How you can help

By purchasing any meal or subscription using the associated team code, you’ll get 10% off your order and another 10% will go back to the individual or team to help them cover their competitive costs. 

Getting started

Checkout the videos below and choose which individual or team you would like to support in the 2018 Southwest Crossfit Regionals. After that, load up your cart with quality meals and use their associated code at checkout!

Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner is heading into the 2018 Crossfit Regionals as the top female Crossfit athlete in Utah. A formidable presence on the floor with multiple regional appearances on a team, Emily is fueled and ready to take this year’s regionals as an individual athlete. Emily Tanner is fueled and ready to compete. 


Team SLC Blue

Team SLC Blue will come crashing onto the 2018 Southwest Regionals floor with Jordan Berroteran, Amy Jeux, Joe Cochran and Morgan Bolin. Stacked with stellar athletes and a V12, SLC Blue is fueled and ready to compete.


Team SLC Gold

With Taylor Perkins, Cassidy Dickson, Lauren Shawver and Doug Springer, Team SLC Gold comes to the floor with a fury to be reckoned with. SLC Gold is fueled and ready to compete.


Team SLC Black

Team SLC Black will field Corinna Coffin, Nick Wood, Dana Howell, Patrick Sanders and Easton Evans to battle and will look to claim, for the second year in a row, the title of Worminators. SLC Black is fueled and ready to compete.


Keep your Nutrition locked Down

Travel Fueled

Coming to Salt Lake City for the 2018 Southwest Regionals?

Avoid the continental breakfast and get Sublime Fitness and Nutrition meals delivered right to your hotel, Airbnb, or aunt’s house. Wherever you are in the valley, we’ll get you taken care of. Share your name and email with us and we’ll send you a reminder to place your orders for the 2018 Southwest Regionals!